Comichaus #6 Goes to Print this Week

It may have been a little quiet here recently but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been beavering away! Comichaus #6 is going to print this week! Shipping around 20th May – featuring MIA, a story by BagNoir writer Chris Robertson,Aberdeen-based art maniac Richard Macrae (Dillion and Richmond), and BagNoir’s Scott Beveridge. Mia is the story of two disenfranchised women teaming up to wreck their bloody revenge on the men that have ruined their lives. And did we mention the stunning Tess Fowler cover? Stay tuned for news on where this little beauty will be available – we’re hoping to have some copies available at Granite City Comic Con 2017.


Silver City Anthology Vol 2 – now available!

Hi folks – we’re chuffed to announce that our new platform for online sales is the comic resource site and supporters of all things indie COMICHAUS. Silver City Anthology Vol 2 is now available along with Old World Order #3, and the rest of the BagNoir back catalogue.

SC Anthology Vol 2 is also available and Plan 9, and you can get Old World Order #3 in both Plan 9 and Forbidden Planet Aberdeen.

Baguette Noir on ComicHaus





Good news folks! Thanks for you patience during our hiatus – we’re bouncing back with the release of long awaited OLD WORLD ORDER #3. Bringing aboard the new art team of Ewen Cameron Millar, David B Cooper Comics and Art and Alex Giles, issue #3 continues where we left off with more sci-fi nuttiness and mysterious adventure!

Due to demand we’ll also be reprinting issues #0-2 in a collection edition, with a snazzy new cover by Xanthe Bodington!

Both books will be launched at MCM Scotland Comic Con September 2016(24-25th)

Happy New Year from Baguette Noir Press

Well, that’s that’s it for 2015 – here at Baguette Noir Towers we’d like to thank everyone that us has supported us over the last year. Whether it was buying a comic, writing a review, contributing to the Silver City Anthology or simply stopping by to say ‘hi’ at one of the shows we’ve done this year – it’s all much appreciated.

2016 is set to be another great year for us – with Old World Order issues 3 and 4; and the thrilling conclusion to Maidenstone set for release in thefirst quarter. We’ve also got big plans coming for the latter part of the year, in the form of ‘The Gospel of Judas’ (by the team that brought you Maidenstone) – a horror road-trip of biblical proportions. We’re also excited to be developing a follow-up to the anthology’s Antagonist story; and a bloody political revenge thriller in the form of ‘Mia’.

So stay safe, stay tuned and keep it weird. Peace.

Autumn Update!

Hi folks – wee update with what’s shaking at BagNoir Towers – we have three issues left of the first printing of MAIDENSTONE #1 – the last time I checked Asylum had two copies, with none left in Forbidden Planet and Plan9. Thanks so much for your support! We have a variant cover re-print in the works! Those last three issue 1’s are available at:

We also have an awesome Older World Order announcement, behind the scenes we’ve been beavering at the long anticipated issue three of the series, and we’re excited to announce that colouring duties are being handled by none other than David B Cooper. Dave has worked on awarding winning books like Dungeon Fun and with Colourist par-excellence Jordie Bellaire.Check out his stuff here:

And here’s a teaser!

page 4 black and white (2) page 6edit

More MAIDENSTONE #2 Reviewage

In a new review, DancingWithSkeletons on Maidenstone #2: ‘The creators have delivered another intriguing episode in a strongly individual story with a confident and forceful style. They are taking advantage of the medium to push the story and capture the reader, making it look easy and unforced. A pleasure to read.’

Pick up the issue at MCM this weekend!

And in the meantime, Big Comic Page calls Maidenstone #2 ‘…a grounded horror tale with a distinctive Northeast of Scotland slant…’


Hey folks – hope you’re looking forward to Glasgow Comic Con as much as we are! Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances we won’t be launching a new book at the event, but this is the first chance for our weegie brother and sisters to get their mitts on MAIDENSTONE #1 and SILVER CITY ANTHOLOGY VOL1! I suspect tickets will be going fast, so get yourself sorted at the link below, there are some pretty awesome guests and small press compatriots too!



Baguette Noir is chuffed to announce the launch of the first Silver City Comics Anthology, released this Saturday! With contributions from Aberdeen’s brightest and boldest SC1 is a collection of tales, loosely linked, that dive into Aberdeen’s macabre under-belly. Silver City are a group of creators that meet monthly to discuss making their own book, the anthology showcases that work. The book is available now from our online shop, PLan 9 and Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen.

The book a wee shout out this week  from The Backwards Compatible podcast