Founded late 2011 by writer Chris Robertson and artist Greg Fisher, Baguette Noir initial focus was on our first publication – OLD WORLD ORDER. Since then we’ve produced three issues of that book, contributed work to other local publications and brought together Aberdeen’s local scene of creators. In 2013 we started to bring our madness to masses at a number of events, including MCM Glasgow Comic Con and Hero Conventions

As an imprint our aim is to bring readers an original thrilling mix of Science Fiction, Adventure, and Horror comics, with a healthy dose of weirdness.  At the moment our back catalogue is small, but mighty. View back catalogue here

In 2015 we’re planning to continue the success of Old World Order, with issues #3 and #4 (featuring new artist Ewen Cameron!), a new title called Maidenstone, and the Silver City Comics Anthology, by local creators(out now!)


Chris, Greg and Agent Blue at MCM Comic Con Glasgow


Scott and Chris hard at work researching MAIDENSTONE

(We are not currently accepting submissions)


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